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Our Heat Treatment Method

The heat treatment method has become a popular option. Much is written about its effectiveness. Many people are given the idea that it is the only treatment that will work 100%.  While that is not true, heat treatments when done well result in a quick and “almost” complete die off in just 4-8 hours.  And this is a major upside for this process.

However nearly all heat treatments must be followed by a more traditional pesticide treatment if a reliable outcome is desired. This is due to some of these bugs getting into places a heat treatment will not reliably reach (such as under baseboards where the cement floor maintains it below-room-temperature level.  A heat treatment is almost never “necessary” for a reliable elimination, but can be necessary if a quick and nearly complete die-off is needed (such as an empty hotel room).  Another common desire customers have is to accomplish an elimination of bed bugs without pesticides.  Unfortunately with heat treatments this, again, is not reliable.  However, we can do the pesticide treatment that follows a heat treatment with our Bio-Pesticide (non-toxic) Aprehend, which will easily accomplish the same effect and with a far greater degree of safety.