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Extreme And Easy Bed Bug Elimination and Prevention

If you are in hotel management, or perhaps a senior living facility, you are aware of the trouble Bed Bugs create.  We have a great program that will not only work without nuisance but can prevent bed bugs from being able to infest your facility.

Aprehend is a non-toxic, non-chemical bio-pesticide that is revolutionary in its effectiveness.  Unlike traditional pesticides (which these bugs have to be exposed to in significant amounts) the bio-pesticide Aprehend is made of fungus spores that are benign to mammals, yet completely effective even in microscopic amounts.  The combination of an easy treatment protocol along with its non-toxic non-odorous presence allows for this product to be used on a regular basis with great efficacy in bed bug prevention.

When so much as just one bed bug is brought into a treated room, its instinct is to hide from light.  This will push the bed bug into an area that can be treated (around beds, headboards, chairs and couches, etc) where its encounter with the treatment will quickly disable the insect preventing it from infesting the room.  Thus a regular treatment can be considered as a very effective deterrent from the possibility of having to find a growing bed bug infestation in a room where it could have been prevented.

We can provide a management analysis with estimated cost free of charge.