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Our Non-Toxic  BioPesticide Method

The Biopesticide “Aprehend” is composed of a natural insect-killing fungus called Beauveria Bassiana which is found naturally in nature.  This natural insect predatory fungus was developed into a virtually invisible treatment process using natural oils for application, which allow the spores the ability to survive inside of a home for 3+ months.

Unlike chemical pesticides, which rely on the bed bug picking up much of the pesticide to be effective, this treatment only requires bed bugs to literally pick up just 1 spore (yet they will pick up much more easily even on a single crossing over the treatment). The incredible affect of this process happens because of the bed bugs “gregarious” nature, which means they will crowd together during hiding. This causes them to share the treatment.

The result is an amazingly complete kill off of all bed bugs that are even in the slightest, exposed to this product.  So to accomplish this small barriers are created that bed bugs will cross over in order to (try to) find a food source. Because this product is so effective with such little exposure, we can apply it successfully to difficult places (such as couches, wood bed frames, etc) with complete success.

This method or process can be done with 100% effectiveness as a stand-alone treatment or can be combined with a heat treatment if a faster initial kill-off is desired.